Tetris tricks and strategies

Welcome to tetris game tricks and strategies article, this will shows you different tricks that you can do on tetris, firstly we will begin with the original trick for tetris, stack all element up except for one line then use the line block to clear 4 lines

Next trick is more challenging it needs more time and thinking to make it work, but it's a lot more efficient , here's the details , put the T block at the bottom right , the left side is quite easy to undersand . the middle part is where squares or lines elements go.

Note this trick work best when you have unblocked all the 6 squares that show you what piece is next

how to do a Z/S Spin
for the S make the element go down the press the up key
for the Z make the piece go down then press the control key.
now this is how you do the T-Spins you might think what is the role of a T-Spins, what it do exactly? by doing a T-Spin you send 4 lines only by clearing 2 lines which make sending lines more easier and quicker.
for new tetris players you can turn counter clock wise by clicking control and you can hold a block for later by clicking c on your keyboard.

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