Tetris is a puzzle addictive web game , the goal of the game is to destroy lines of block before it reaches the top , the line sis made up of different shapes , those shapes fall verticallys down , player need to not miss any box empty , so player will rotate the shapes to fill a line horizontally , this will clear the lines of blocks.

tetris is the most successful game, in this game shapes fall from the ceiling, all element got up toward the top. alexey pajitnov is the tetris creator, the idea behind tetris cause from Pentomino, a game use different shapes of elements to from a graph, the name tetris came from tennis and tetra (a greak word meaning four)

why tetris is so addictive

tetris is the biggest selling compute game of all time, additionaly searches show that when people start playing tetris and trying to organize blocks, they will feel some pleasure, it called the mind basic pleasure.

also there's something called tetris effects when people play tetris for hours when they sleep, they will dream about blocks fall from the ceilling.

war about tetris copy rights

Copy right of Tetris was a war between companies. Creator of Tetris said: It was very very powerful sides or organizations to fight for my small game and he is right. First right was give to Robert Stein, who buying software from Hungary and selling it on in Britain, at 1986. Then he sell Tetris to the England company call Mirrorsoft. Mirrorsoft saw the possibility in America, so they sell the right to Atari. And then Henk Rogers bought the right from Atari and sell it at japan. Nintendo also saw Tetris from Henk Rogers. But they got a problem base on Soviet government. There are a company call Elorg, it's an organization on export and import of computer hardware and software, need to reassign the right of Tetris, Mirrorsoft got nothing and Henk Rogers got "hand-held" and "console" Tetris right from Robert Stein, Mirrorsoft and Henk Rogers. Robert Stein got "computer" right. After Henk Rogers got the right, he sell it to Nintendo, and of course when Nintendo being sued by Atari, Nintendo won the case and be the biggest winner. And they sell 70 million Gameboy's Tetris. The end.

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